Dunwoody Community Information

Located in Northeast Atlanta, Dunwoody is known for its beautiful homes on spacious lots and its quaint Williamsburg style village known as Dunwoody Village. The area was created during a land lottery in 1821 and is named for C.A. Dunwoody, who drew up a petition for a post office as a first priority for the community. After the Civil War, he built the first bridge spanning the Chattahoochee River near Roswell.

Today, Dunwoody is thriving and real estate prices are steady because of the "close in" location. New homes are being built and renovation of older homes and neighborhoods is occurring at a fast pace.

What once started out as a "far out" suburb has now become one of the premier locations in all of Atlanta to live. Dunwoody has easy access to transportation, shopping and dining and is only minutes away from the high-tech commercial and medical districts of the Atlanta metro area. Complete with mature tree lined streets with excellent schools, low crime, well-built housing and nearby recreational facilities, Dunwoody has it all.